Unlike Fine Wine, Why Hangovers Get Worse With Time

March 21, 2017

Unlike Fine Wine, Why Hangovers Get Worse With Time

No you’re not imagining it, and no you’re not alone. If you, like many Americans, have ever had a night on the town where you consumed one too many adult beverages, you have experienced first hand the brutal beast known as a hangover.  But as the years go by, you might be questioning why you were able to drink like a fish night after night without consequence but now find yourself feeling like you just went 10 rounds with Mike Tyson the morning after. Unfortunately, you’re not alone in this misery and Magic Bullet is here to help.

A 2013 study by Redemption found that our ability to cope with the full frontal assault of overindulgence of alcohol peaks at the age of 29. While this is partially attributed to physiological changes, the study revealed that there is also a pseudo-social component to hangovers: as we grow up we have more responsibilities. The weight of these responsibilities removes the option to waste a day in bed, thus adding to the perceived strength of the hangover. Interestingly enough, the study also found that the average hangover lasts 9 hours and 45 minutes and peaks at 9:45am, just about the time you start feeling guilty for being totally unproductive or worse… are just starting your workday.

Hangovers, despite being universally hated, have always vexed the scientists who hope to understand and hopefully one day cure them. Hangovers occur as a result of the process by which your body and liver break down the alcohol you have consumed. According to Dr. Rachel Freeman, assistant professor at the Indiana School of Medicine, this two-step process first breaks the alcohol into acetaldehyde, an enzyme 10-30 times more toxic than alcohol itself. Due to the labor (and water) intensive process involved in this chemical breakdown, the average liver can only metabolize about one standard alcoholic drink per hour. If the liver gets flooded with more alcohol than it can handle, the acetaldehyde is released into your bloodstream, where it is free to wreak havoc on your body’s various internal systems. Eventually, much like a search and rescue mission, your body’s immune system breaks all the acetaldehyde into carbon dioxide, water and acetate, a non-toxic compound.

Just like a rubber band that has been overused, our bodies get less and less able to bounce back from binge-drinking. As a young adult, your body contains its full regiment of enzymes that assist in the process of breaking down the toxins from alcohol. However, as we age, not only are there less of the enzymes that are essential in completing the detoxification process, but also those that remain have a more limited capability to complete their mission. Much like what often happens with other traumas such as broken bones or illnesses, this decreased elasticity of your immune system means increased amounts of these highly toxic, nasty chemicals running around your body’s nervous systems and for longer periods of time. The National Institute of Aging refers to this gradual weakening of the immune system as “immunosenescence.” This essentially confirms why, as we age, hangovers get worse.

Overall, it might not appear there is anything you can do but throw your hands up and hope for the best (well besides not drinking, but where’s the fun in that). Thankfully there is now Magic Bullet. This tasty, nutritional, healthy beverage is designed to support and accelerate your body’s ability to eliminate alcohol by supporting your liver, helping you feel refreshed in the morning. Its natural ingredients were chosen to specifically support healthy liver and kidney function and will give your body the help it needs to fight back against hangovers.  

All that is just a fancy way to say that it looks like a hangover can now be prevented! Just because you’re getting older, you don’t have to fall victim to hangovers.  Don’t believe us-check out what people are saying about how Magic Bullet has helped them

Order today and say goodbye to your hangovers.

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