How many Magic Bullets can I drink and when should I drink them?

Because Magic Bullet is an all natural supplement, you can drink as many as you like.  In fact, when drinking alcohol, it is best to drink one Magic Bullet with or between every few drinks, and then finishing with one before turning in.

Can I mix Magic Bullet mix with alcohol?

Magic Bullet makes a great mixer and assures you get all the supplements you need throughout the night to help you wake up feeling strong.

Is Magic Bullet gluten free?

Yes, Magic Bullet is gluten free, made with natural and organic ingredients ...

Where can I buy Magic Bullet?

At this time, Magic Bullet is available to purchase direct on our website and at select bars and liquor stores in the mountain west.

What if I forget to take Magic Bullet and wake up with a hangover?

If you forgot to drink your Magic Bullet before bed, feel free to take one first thing in the morning. It will still work its magic but will take a few hours, now that your body is behind the recovery curve.

What kind of sweetener does Magic Bullet have?

Magic Bullet uses Stevia blended with 40 calories of Organic Cane Sugar